A Deal's a Deal.

In conjunction with RTE and Northern Ireland Screen, we were delighted to produce ‘A Deal’s A Deal’ for 2019’s Storyland.

Written by Francis and Geraldine Scullion, directed by Mick Gordon and produced by Pearce Cullen, ‘A Deal’s A Deal’ tells the story of a misguided and disgruntled teenage pigeon fancier reacts badly to the death of her champion young bird.

Pearce Cullen (Producer) Stuart Drennan (Producer – Wolfhound Media) and Mick Gordon (Director)


With a strong cast including Ian McElhinney, Stuart Graham, Patrick Loftus, Rose Henderson and Laura Hughes, ‘A Deal’s a Deal’ stars newcomer Una O’Brien. A Cork native, Una turned in a stellar performance as Dani and was a pleasure to work with.

“When I was asked to read for Dani, I was struck by the character’s emotional vulnerability. She is so influenced by those she looks up to, and that almost naive quality is something I found really endearing. But her level of passion also has an edge to it, which was really interesting to play with.”

“The shoot was a bit of a whirlwind, moments of calm followed quickly by ‘all systems go!’. But there was a warmth from all the team that made the experience a really enjoyable one. Filming in such lovely areas really helped as well. I really enjoyed getting to know everyone and observing how they worked, and figuring out my own process as well.”

Director of Photography, Wolfhound Media’s Alasdair McBroom

“The cast were all such a pleasure to work with. Patrick is a really dedicated and driven actor and so we really enjoyed playing with the dynamics of our scenes. When I got to watch the rest of the cast work I began to pick up on little routines and rituals that helped them prepare, and they were all so open and kind. I really look up to them all as performers so getting to chat with them and see them work was a privilege.”

You can watch Una’s work in ‘A Deal’s a Deal’ here: https://www.rte.ie/player/movie/a-deal-s-a-deal/115594792118